Congratulations to our topnotchers of previous years:


Niñarica Abayabay – 90%

Linda Añober – 91%

Ma. Crisbec Autentico  –  91%

Wilmar Bolingkit  –  90%
Katja Camrath – 96%

Joyceza Cañete – 100%

Zyrene Mae Ceballos  –  90%

Precilla Coloyan – 92%

Aubrey Corpuz – 90%

Jures Jel dela Cerna  –  92%

Sheryl Deniega – 90%

Judith Dobler – 92%

Mary Claire Durango – 93%

Mae Eckwert  –  92%
Kristinemay Engel – 90%

Neyvah Jane Filipini  –  93%

Johanna Flordelis – 93%

Virginia Haber  –  93%

Jovy Kapeller  –  93%

Glaiza Agravante-Köhler  –  90%

Rebecca Maldo – 92%

Princess Lieza Manzon – 90%

Marianeth Molos  –  91%

Marianita Navarro – 91%

Emmylou Olaivar – 90%

Sheryl Ledesma  –  90%

Rhyien Lohse  –  96% 

Llieven Miao  –  95%

Aquina Molina  –  93%

Jenelyn Picardo – 95%

Christine Soroño – 91%

Maresel Turceno  –  93%
Avelina Ug-ug – 90%

Kristine Camille Villanueva – 90%


Top Notchers

Our Galery of TOP-NOTCHERS, all have a exam result with 100%



Elizabeth Seidenschwarz


– Ten and a half years at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City teaching conversational and written German with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. (1987 – 1998)- Five years at the Cebu International School teaching conversational and written German from Grades 1 to 12 with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. (1995 – 2000)- Also taught English as a second language at the Cebu International School

– Twenty-four years as a private German and English teacher (1992 – up to the present)

– Conducted German Language lessons for the employees of Lear, an American manufacturing company which provides automotive and aircraft parts. (2004)

– Conducted German Language lessons for the Philippine delegation of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce to the Partners’ Visit in Kassel, Germany. (1995)

– Conducted German Language lessons for local telephone operators of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), a Philippine national telephone operating company. (1998)

– Worked as interpreter for German Doctors of Plan International Medical Missions to Leyte and Samar (2004 and 2005)

About the School

German Language School – Cebu City, Philippines

is an accredited German language school with the advantage of small classes and personalized education. Each class averages approximately 18 students. The school offers different levels of German language proficiency. Special emphasis is given to the A1 level which leads to the START DEUTSCH 1 PRÜFUNG.

The school receives educational materials from Goethe Institut Manila and joins in the German language teaching seminars offered by the Institut. It uses books recommended by GI Manila and integrates the culture, history, geography and lifestyle of German speaking countries to better help students understand life in Europe as a whole. Included in the curriculum are feedback sessions as to performance, review classes and diagnostic tests which simulate the Start Deutsch A1 exams.

As of 28. August 2007, applicants for a German residence permit (Family reunion visa, Marriage visa, Au-Pair visa, Working visa, Student visa, etc.) must provide Proof of Basic Knowledge of the German Language. A certificate (Start Deutsch A1) is given by the Goethe Institut Manila upon passing the Start Deutsch 1 language examination.

Start Deutsch A1 – Beginner’s level

The Start Deutsch A1 is a preparatory course which leads to the SD 1 language test. Special attention to given to helping students cope with the Start Deutsch 1 examinations. This course is approximately two and a half (2 ½) months. Exams here in the Philippines are conducted by the Goethe Institut Manila and are held monthly. There are also exams held in Cebu. The test schedules will be decided by GI – Manila.